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Angry.Birds.v1.6.3.1.Unlocker.Only-IND India


Ok, so I figured out how to do this, and since this is quite lengthy, I’ll break it down into steps.
Step 1: Edit your regedit.exe (although regedit.exe is a silent script, it will run fine if you don’t change the path), and find your Windows Firewall registry key (it is located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\WindowsFirewall\Profiles\DefaultProfile\AllowSoftwareProtocols). Now open it, it’ll be a giant string of hex numbers. At the beginning of this string, there will be the name of the device that is being blocked, and then a list of hex numbers. You can save this string to a file in Notepad, and open it in an hex editor like Hex Workshop or HxD (you’ll need to install the latter). Find the first number that is a long number (e.g. C659A9A4A189C14E2D73E9A6E5BC86E0F0F69EC9B3AEE78E4C19EF001B7B291620) and start copying it.
Step 2: Now find the key that is called “ByteLimit”, and it is located under the “Profiles” key. Put in the number from Step 1, and another one (this time a long one, e.g. 3C2D3D82BAA77E72B7F60CC9AED2F3E2A8AAF8913D2A2B526F78335ACC090183244389522B70C65F5A94446B2) anywhere on the key, and close it.
Step 3: Now find the key that is called “UserFilters”, and it is located under the “Profiles” key. Put in the number from Step 1, and another one (this time a long one, e.g. 6D8E8D5B6C5F01D614764891B3CD8A4F45DF218D8DF8005AB4D858F6C15F20B8A91E2878B5A2F36383D3F9) somewhere on the key. Close it.
Step 4: Now find the key that is called “UserFilters”,

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So, I would like to list out only the IPs that contain angry birds, but I don’t know how. In this case, I would list only the IPs that contain “Angry.Birds” in their URL path.
I will be extremely grateful for your help.


Let’s start with something that works. I’ve run a regex for the examples you posted and it worked. Based on your description, I think you want to use something more like this. Note that the example paths below will work if there is more than one returned path.
import re

bad_ips = re.findall(‘.*(.*?)Angry.Birds.v1.6.3.1.Unlocker.Only-IND.*’, string)

In this case, I’ll need to modify it slightly to remove any spaces or quotes:
bad_ips = re.findall(‘.*(.*?)Angry.Birds.v1.6.3.1.Unlocker.Only-[IND].*’, string)

You’ll need to adjust it to meet your needs.
I know there are tons of questions on Stack Overflow that have similar issues but they are rarely used the way you are using it. I would highly recommend reading the documentation for whatever tool you are using to learn how you can adapt it to your needs. It’s not hard to figure out but if it’s something you don’t understand then it will take a lot of time, effort, and reading. If you have time to waste, I’d recommend creating a new question on Stack Overflow with your code and a specific answer describing your problem. If it is a common problem that there are already similar questions on Stack Overflow, you can still join them.
Also, this isn’t a regex 101 question. You can take a look at this, this, and this.

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