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Azov Films Igor Igor

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Azov Films Igor Igor

The Guardians of Safe Sex campaign believed that porn can normalize the sexual nature of interactions between children and adults. It’s always the people in sex industry that insist that there is nothing wrong with producing children in pornographic films. They argue that the material has been historically used to educate naive audiences of sex positions and accessories before the films were made available for consumption, which in most cases it was. This is the same argument that is used by the Prostitutes Union of Ukraine to defend the massive industry of prostitution in Ukraine that operates right under the noses of the police.

Dr. Igor Igor Azov was a high-level surgeon at the National Medical University. He was one of the founders of the SBU, Ukraine’s secret police. In early 2007, he was promoted to the post of secretary general at the health ministry. This is where, with 33-year-old star Dr. Igor Azov, he was responsible for some of the first moves against HIV in the country.

In 2008, Azov was appointed deputy health minister. In April 2009 the health ministry began to investigate the practice of paying women to perform abortions. In October 2009, Azov resigned from the post. He later confessed to sexual relations with an underage girl.

In 2009, the SBU appointed Dr. Igor Azov to head the Agency for Civil Rights and Human Rights. This agency is responsible for monitoring free speech, enforcing the equal rights of women, and tackling sex-trafficking.

In February 2013, Azov was named head of a regional security council. In April 2013, he was appointed as head of the National Security Council of Ukraine. His term was extended to the end of 2014.

The Azov Battalion was founded, at least in part, by Igor Strelkov. Strelkov, a former special forces commander in the Russian army in Chechnya, had a part in the 2004 Beslan school siege, which left over a thousand people dead, including hundreds of children. Azov members are known for wearing military uniforms and Western-style clothes, although theirs is a ‘pure’ Russian flavor, and the group is fiercely patriotic.
Members and supporters of the Azov Battalion do not rest. They are determined to hold the Ukraine to the Transdniestrian arrangement. They believe any status with Moldova, to be a capitulation to Russia. Whatever happens in those talks, in the meantime they ask for continued financial aid and for assistance in finding recruits for the 1,500-strong force. Meanwhile, Azov has just been handed a loophole through which it can acquire tanks and armoured personnel carriers, without going through the official channels in Kiev.
The new weaponry was acquired from Russia, and Ukraine chose to look the other way. The Azov Battalion, like all the other nationalist militias, uses the same tactic as the Russians: it uses defectors from the rebels to serve in its ranks. In the case of the Azov, this means ex-DPR soldiers.
Sasha Polyak and Ivan Dykrashkin, two former officers in the DPR, joined the Azov in November. Within two weeks of arriving at the Battalion’s headquarters in the town of Zazorya (43 kilometers east of Mariupol), they told the Guardian, they were ordered to return to Zazorya, where they had to attend a meeting with the rebel leaders.