Beatles, Abbey Road (2009 Stereo Remaster) Full [VERIFIED] Album Zip 🆕

Beatles, Abbey Road (2009 Stereo Remaster) Full [VERIFIED] Album Zip 🆕

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Beatles, Abbey Road (2009 Stereo Remaster) Full Album Zip

in my obsessive quest to find the best fidelity i could find, i’m starting to lean on cd rips for a while now. for the new white album set, i had a friend create some for me, and the results have been stellar. in the early years of my obsession, i’d rip the vinyl for these albums as high-quality digital files, and then i’d run them through an eac-like music recovery program, which gives you the convenience of a digital copy, and the fidelity of the original records. cd rips can be good, but for me, they don’t have the same character as vinyl rips– in particular, i can’t get the warm colorations and the lack of hiss that i get from vinyl, and i can’t get a similar level of bass. with these new cds, however, i’m hearing all the music just as it was released, but at a higher quality than i’ve ever heard on cds before. i have no complaints whatsoever, and no intention of going back.

finally, the new white album set may be worth the money for fans of the albums as they are now, but there’s no question that this is the definitive set for the music of the time. to my ears, it’s worth every penny, and every moment spent listening to it is a treasure.

as i’ve been listening to the series’ music for years, the series’ packaging has not bothered me at all. it’s nice that the four albums have a unified look– the mono covers and the plastic slipcover look like the same package, but the sleeves are slightly different and the new remaster is a lovely tactile experience. the boxed set also includes the yellow submarine soundtrack, the sgt. pepper’s lonely hearts club band soundtrack, and a 32-page booklet with liner notes from the original engineers, as well as the new remaster. the box set is very nice, and the box itself is substantial, with a nifty three-dimensional cardboard sleeve. i’m quite happy with this collection of music, and have no plans to go back to the original releases.

simply to state the obvious, the new stereo remastering is stunning. i would buy this over the original stereo cd’s any day of the week. the higher-saturation production feels more natural, and indeed, even the mono mixes sound a bit more natural. the mono versions are a little more aggressive, and even if you aren’t a huge beatles fan, they’re more fun to listen to. the mono recordings also have noticeably less bass. i’m not saying that the original mono mixes weren’t good. they were, but the new remasters sound better. they aren’t perfect. they don’t sound exactly like the old masters. some mixes are a little warmer than others. some vocals are a bit sharper. but they’re pretty good. and the best part of all, they sound better than the new stereo mixes. the new stereo mixes have a slightly brighter, more transparent quality than the old stereo mixes, which may or may not be what you want. but in general, it’s not what i want. i prefer a little more warmth, a little more bass and a little more resonance in the higher frequencies. and the new mixes have a little less bass and warmth than the old ones. so, i’m not saying this is better or worse than the original. it’s just different. and that’s ok. but it’s what i wanted. it’s not like the remastered cds are bad. it’s not like the new ones are better than the old ones. this is the best remastering of the beatles’ catalogue that i’ve heard yet. and it’s good. i’m not a huge beatles fan. i’ve only listened to their first two albums (rocks and beatles vi) a handful of times. however, i’m not a huge metal fan. and i’m not a huge hard rock fan. but i’m not a huge rock fan either. i like a little bit of everything. and the beatles have done a lot of great stuff. there’s a lot of good music in the beatles catalog. i listen to some old u2, some old david bowie, and some zeppelin. i’ll listen to a little bit of paul mccartney, a little bit of ringo, and a little bit of george. and i’ll listen to a little bit of the beatles. i’ll listen to some of the beatles, and i’ll listen to some styx. i’ll listen to a little bit of the beatles, and i’ll listen to a little bit of metallica. and that’s the way i listen to music, not the way i listen to the beatles. and so i have no expectations, other than i’m just going to enjoy the music. and that’s what this remastering has done.