Gorillaz – Plastic Beach (Deluxe Version) – ITunes LP.zip [HOT] 📂

Gorillaz – Plastic Beach (Deluxe Version) – ITunes LP.zip [HOT] 📂


Gorillaz – Plastic Beach (Deluxe Version) – ITunes LP.zip

gorillaz released a live video from a stop on the plastic beach tour. the stop featured the group performing in front of a massive mural of a city skyline. it’s worth noting that plastic beach is set in a city and that a city is a good place to perform. which is all i have to say on that.

gorillaz has a new video for the song plastic beach. it’s a clip of the band playing the song for an extended amount of time while sitting on a moving train. it’s animated and directed by danny brown and shows how no one really likes gorillaz. it’s good to know that no one really likes gorillaz.

gorillaz released a video for the song plastic beach. it’s a clip of the band performing the song with the face of a woman in front of a green screen. it’s all pretty jarring and you can tell that albarn is just trying to put together some kind of film without really giving the project any thought. it’s a really strange video. and it’s not really worth watching. no, i don’t know why i’m saying this. you should watch it.

i would describe plastic beach as a cool mix of western europop, hip hop, and r&b. but that description is a little bit of a misnomer, because it is very much a gorillaz album, with some really great hooks and quirky instrumentals. the album has a good mix of sounds that, combined with albarns characterful vocals and the synths and harmonica, really creates a great atmosphere. the tracks on the album range from the completely pop to the more experimental, which is something that separates the album from most of the bands other albums. its a bit too experimental on the first few tracks, but then lets up to some really awesome tracks. i think its a really good album, and is way better than the critics gave it credit for. its definitely an album that i would recommend to anyone.

1. On Melancholy Hill 2. You’ve Been Eating Too Many Potatoes 3. Children Unite 4. The Fall 5. 20 Bucks – Beach BBQ 6. Clam – Beach BBQ 7. Zombie – Beach BBQ 8. Treasure Beach – Beach BBQ 9. So Long – Beach BBQ 10. Oh Megabox – Beach BBQ 11. Feel Good Inc. 12. Plastic Beach – Beach BBQ 13. Escape to Plastic Beach – Beach BBQ 14. Clam Clam Clam – Beach BBQ 15. Oh Megabox – Beach BBQ
As with Demon Days the artwork features the four worlds featured on the back, which create the image of a completely plastic island. This set of four, all slightly different, differ from the first time the Gorillaz hit iTunes. On the first, the island is blue, green, orange and black. On the second, the island is yellow, blue, green and black. On the third, the island is yellow, green, orange and blue. On the fourth, the island is orange, yellow, orange and blue. These albums have been around for awhile, and the scenes have been repeated.
The back of this edition was made to look like the Plastic Beach CDs from the cover, and once youre used to looking at the Gorillaz albums like this, you can see the many things that are different.
Gorillaz does this a lot, and it can be hard to differentiate between the different back covers in a row of back covers. For example, the one with the kids jumping might look just like the one with the kids lying in the sand. Unlike the other covers, this one has an official picture that you can buy on iTunes.
The Gorillaz all look the same, but that’s not the way it feels. Each member of the band don’t have the same role or the same function. The overall concept of the Plastic Beach is an imaginary planet where all different human being is represented. In this universe music is created through the combination of different instruments but the sound in this imaginary world is created by the human way of thinking. Through a prism, I’m separated from myself. Until I find myself, I would know that I am a human being, not a mind.