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Understanding and Creating Layers

Photoshop supports layers because the layers enable you to build an image step by step — they give you a structure for constructing your image. Layering is the process of developing an image, using layers to increase or decrease the size of specific parts of the image or to create opacity in specific areas. I explain the layers in more detail in the following sections.

The simple layering system in Photoshop works this way:

1. You bring two different images together to create a composite.

2. You save the composite as a new image.

3. You create more layers that link the composite image to create the entire image.

The composite image that you create is typically an entire photograph and can contain layers that change the appearance of the entire image (called _global_ layers) or layers that alter a specific part of the image (called _local_ layers). Layers link your image, so they are visible when you edit each portion of the image. To edit an area of the image, you don’t need to open every layer, just the one you need.

You can use layers to create a panoramic shot, use layers to create special effects, and even layer the hair and clothing of a model. I discuss some of the other reasons you may want to use layers in Chapter 5. For now, just follow the steps to create a composite image using layers in Photoshop.

## Creating a New Image

As you create and edit your image, you can use the New Image dialog box to save a new file. Use this option to create and save the current image. In this section, I show you how to make the most of the Layers panel.

I suggest that you use the Layers panel for this exercise because it makes it easier to work with layers.

So where do you start?

Follow these steps to save a new image from the current file:

1. Choose File⇒New, as shown

Geometric Pattern Photoshop Free Download For PC

Adobe Photoshop Elements 19 comes as a free upgrade for all existing Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 and Photoshop CS6 owners. The standard edition of Photoshop Elements 19 with all of its tools comes with the upgrade fee of $99. While the creative edition with all of its tools comes with the upgrade fee of $299. The upgrade fee is valid from the day of release of the software.

Just like in the case of Photoshop, here are the most important features for Photoshop Elements 19.

Removing Fuzzy Edges

This feature will help us to produce more accurate results and resolve any of our editing problems.

The edge smoothing tool in Elements is Photoshop’s Sharpen tool. It has the same settings as in Photoshop:

Blur: 10 pixels

Radius: 5.11

Threshold: 25%

Sharpen: 50%

As you can see, we increase the radius, then increase the blur setting to 10 pixels and finally increase the threshold to 25%.

Cropping Images

When cropping a photo, we remove the excess area of the photo. We do this to enhance the focus on the important parts of the photo.

This feature helps us when we need to crop our photos. We use the Crop tool to remove the area of the photo which we don’t need. This feature is found in the Tools panel.

Gamma Correction

Gamma is the color tone of the overall picture. These color tones include the color of our skin, the shade of our eyes, the brightness of the leaves and so on.

The color tone of a picture is normally not perfect. This is why we have to modify the color tone of the picture. This correction will improve the overall appearance of the picture.

The best way to adjust the gamma correction is to click on the checkmark icon to the right of the entry in the editing tools panel. The user interface will look as shown below:

This will display all of the settings for the gamma. We need to make adjustments to the RGB color tone, Exposure and Brightness. We also need to adjust the Red, Green and Blue tones individually.

Gamma correction can be performed on any photo editing tasks. This includes removing defects in the lighting in photos, adjusting the overall tonality of the image and so on.

Perfectly Normal Blur Removal

This feature

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Transformers Tri-Force’s “Freak Out” Is A Guide To The Right Ways To Use DEFCON’s “Symphony of Destruction”

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What makes this video interesting is that this is the first music video that centers around the fight between good and evil. While some of DEFCON’s other music videos have focused on the darker side of things – including their video for “What Matters To Me” – “Freak Out” instead focuses on the heroic aspects of fighting back against evil.

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Check out the video below.

Transformers Tri-Force’s “Freak Out” Video

[youtube id=”s4xDgT1hLUM” width

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