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Another important event is the auction held. It is a book launched by the Institute of India Resources, a non-governmental organization. The book was given by (Dr.) Chitra Ganguly as a token of encouragement & financial support to R.P. Ray and another eminent historian, Kedarnath Mahapatra.

R.P. Ray works with Assam State under the president of India and most of the words in this book, is based on the papers and reports he has published with the help of the government of Assam. They held the book release program on October 16, 2019.

Dr. Kedarnath Mahapatra was the first to write a book. It is an impressive effort which is worth reading. It is the story of the struggle of Indian Diaspora in the world and the achievements of the Oriya people, Employment News .

I have taken some pictures of the book and uploaded them, but I will have to work onthe formatting of the photosand provide a better image. This is one of the first books that show Jibans expertise in Economics and its a captivating read.

13)modern south asia (25 marks):-it will helpful for the competitive examination also. here are the topics about india, pakistan, bangladesh, nepal etc, its very helpful for you competitive examination on any level.

15)general history of india (25 marks):- if you want to score in the competitive examination about general history of india, then you have to go through the book bharate aisey sanbadhneer sangamaner bhugol by kartick chandra mandal.

my wish is that as i read about jibans life, i will be able to gain a better insight into the lives of our great leaders. the book is full of important information that we all must be aware of. i hope that the book will be a good source of information for everyone.

the requirement for revision has been raised as there are strong evidences that bose was not a terrorist. the new textbook is currently being prepared by mukhopadhyay who is also chairing the new textbook review committee, led by sirabuddin ali and padmini mullick. textbooks are published as government of west bengal and these revision are done by the state education board.
sir abuduin, chairman of the textbook committee noted that for the first time in the history of the state there is a book called ‘history of bengal’ published by the government in 1996. (evidently most of the students of the state used this book as reference for their exams) but as per this textbook, bose was a terrorist.
dr.subir bhaumik, a member of the committee and a historian said that while it is not correct to call bose a terrorist, the committee should revisit the content of the book to make appropriate changes.
the amendment to the textbook is not the first time that historical revisionism occurs in the country. the textbook of some of the state boards has also changed the ‘narrative’ around the formation of pakistan as well. reference books on the trade and political developments of early british india were also corrected to suit the narratives that was being told about the history of the country at that time.
in 2012, the text book prescribed for the state board intermediate exam, mentioned that pratap singh co-operated with the japanese in the bombing of the tunki airbase. this narration failed to mention that the japanese were defeated in the war and it also didn’t mention that the japanese bombers were shot down before they could hit the base.