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Boxes Inc. is a puzzle-game which was inspired by the book That Will Definitely Make You Sleep.
You’ll be able to play the game for yourself 🙂


Disclaimer: I haven’t played the game.
It seems like the parcel takes 4 steps before it gets to its destination. It starts from the “origin” and makes a loop around in a square with 4 sides. The square moves along this loop, such that each step moves the square 1 square toward the origin. As long as the square doesn’t reach the origin, it moves along another loop with the same properties. But every time it reaches the origin, it stops.
This is an example:

This is a counter-example:

It’s called a “loop”, because you can think of the square as rotating like a cylinder in a plane, thus it’s “going around in a loop”, but always staying on the same side of the plane.


You probably need to think “what happens if the postie is on his lunch, smokes his cigarette, forgets his rules book, eats a curry, forgets to turn the parcel box around, etc.

David Bossie, a former deputy campaign manager for Trump’s 2016 presidential run, reacted to news that three Russian men were indicted for allegedly hacking into Clinton campaign’s servers.

“Good,” he tweeted. “And happy for @POTUS @realDonaldTrump. Pardon me if I’m not on #Day2,” he said.

Good, and happy for @POTUS @realDonaldTrump. Pardon me if I’m not on #Day2. — David Bossie (@David_Bossie) February 16, 2017

This comes after President Trump said he would sign a new order to combat cyber attacks.


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The three Russians who were indicted are accused of carrying out a “large-scale computer hacking” operation on behalf of the Russian government.

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The White House Correspondents’ Association, which is an affiliate of the White


Paper Planet Features Key:

  • Move and shoot enemy vessels and destroy asteroids to make your way to the target planet
  • Play through multiple missions that differ in difficulty level and gameplay
  • Build your spaceship, pilot, gun control systems, items and dozens of new ships
  • Team up with your opponents
  • Use player chat to communicate with your player friends and complete challenges
  • Join a Universe of other players online and find friends or play against bots in multi-player competitive and coop environments
  • Challenge yourself and your friends to settings modes with no limitations on time for perfect scores
  • Invite your friends to play through social networks and join your Universe of friends
  • Announce your presence on your own planet and challenge the top citizens to duel

    A Galaxy Full of Stars and Ships:

    • There’s a battle raging in the galaxy as you struggle to leave Earth! Join the fight as Earth’s last defender
    • Get moving fast as you attempt to save mankind
    • The challenge is to tame the oceans and rid the Earth of calamity and destroy the Armada ships before they take over Earth
    • Fight your way through your own Asteroid Belt and use your Brainwave Control to battle your way to the ship that will carry you to Earth
    • Remember to use your shield to protect yourself and dodge asteroids
    • Your strategies are determined by your ship choice, weapon upgrades, shield upgrades, and officer upgrades
    • Compete with other players in ever-changing missions with new goals, planets, and challenges
    • Jump into the game for free and choose from a variety of ships and options in both single and multiplayer
    • Take on missions without waiting for the download to finish
    • Download the game and launch immediately
    • Play as your very own space commander in a Universe full of planets, asteroids, and ships
    • The game includes two to four player challenge modes, allowing you


      Paper Planet Download

      Andrea is an ordinary girl. For her this is a simple world, full of ordinary things such as school and friends. Her body is like any other, not perfect or flawless, just a typical girl. However, nothing is as simple as it seems. Something in her mind, is aching to be free.

      The void is inside her, something that drives her to do things that most people would not do. At the same time, something is calling her, something that is trying to get out of her, something that is trying to become what she is, something that can make her feel free.

      This is a story of a girl waking up from human delusion, trying to find her way, and give her life its true purpose.

      Key Features

      Detailed 2D Manga Story

      Hear the story of a brave girl who struggles with breaking free of her human self, standing against the background of Japanese culture, embracing its conventions to find a way to survive.

      Three Levels of Difficulty

      Put on your thinking cap to help Andrea fight herself and adapt to different situations in each level, presenting a new challenge with each of them

      Animated Stories

      A new challenge in each level, presented as animated stories and each with their own distinct characters

      Over 50 Hours of Gameplay

      Fight countless enemies with a fully voiced cast of characters and over 50 hours of gameplay

      Realistic Hand and Face Animation

      Humanoid characters with an emphasis on the realism of their motions

      Multiple Difficulty Levels

      Choose your playstyle from easy to hard. Not only this but with three difficulty levels you can find the perfect balance for you to challenge your mind

      20+ Challenging Lessons

      Every story has a lesson. Every game is designed around a set of challenges. From the precise timing of dashes and the dodging the moment you face a challenge, so that you can learn from them.

      Play as Three Different Characters

      A single playthrough will have you choose one of the three characters, depending on your playstyle. While this is going to be a personal choice, there is no right or wrong here. This is how you play the game, so you can choose what is right for you

      Something Awaits YOU

      Ether Diary 1 – Serenity

      The Ether Diary 1 – Serenity is your gateway to the human world as it was before the appearance of the void and the awakening of the human soul.


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      Aveliana is a traditional strategy arcade game, developed by a team of former game developers with a love of puzzles, adventures and games.

      Our main goal is to create a different experience that challenges you with a puzzle and a story that takes you to an adventurous environment with beautiful characters.
      Do you dare to choose between good and evil?
      The Order of the Solaris is a dark order of assassins and spies. Taking orders from none other than Samael, the ultimate mastermind and master manipulator, who can be seen and often heard from when he speaks.
      *Player 1: Listen to your instincts and choose the good side to uncover the mysteries of the world and achieve your life’s goals!
      *Player 2: Evil will be the most fun. Only choose evil as you seek power to become the ruler of your wishes.’
      *Just enjoy the mayhem! Enjoy the story, the special attacks, and the hilarious costumes!
      “This is what we can do with a story!We took what was originally a 15 minute demo, and worked our butts off in terms of re-doing most of the animations, the UI, and all the levels, as well as polishing up the story. But there’s so much that went into this. ” If you’re feeling ambitious, maybe you can come up with better, more fun stories for us to come to!

      Dungeon Underlord is a unique party game that requires people to collaborate and use their wits. The game is a cooperative roguelike dungeon crawl that features an active, player-driven battle system.
      Participate in a communal rpg journey!
      The game uses a highly randomized content system which makes each playthrough unique. This means that you will never play the same game twice!
      Uncover the secrets of the Dungeon as you try to survive for as long as possible. As you go deeper and deeper into the Dungeon, you will uncover more and more secrets and abilities, which will come in handy when the Dungeon really starts to pick on you!
      Will you manage to survive long enough to find all the hidden content of the dungeon? Will you be able to outwit the Dungeon as it grows ever more twisted and menacing?
      Lend your help to the Dungeon and make it a good place to visit! Just be careful, because the Dungeon can be pretty cruel and unpredictable!
      Jump into the Dungeon and find out for yourself! A true coop rpg for the ages!

      Explore a mysterious


      What’s new:

      M3 Heavier 105cm siege gun

      The M3 Heavy Anti-Tank Gun 84cm/105cm is a large anti-tank gun used by the British and Commonwealth forces during the Second World War. Manufactured by Vickers Armstrong, it was used as the main offensive arm of the British Royal Artillery against the German Wehrmacht during the North African and Italian campaigns. It was also used by various Commonwealth forces, notably the Commonwealth New Zealand Artillery (in which the gun also earned the nickname ‘”Silly Billy” due to its unusual appearance) as well as the Japanese Imperial Army.

      Although used mainly to repel German armour, it could also be used against German troops once a suitable ammunition type was discovered. It was, for example, used as an anti-infantry weapon in Burma. It was also the largest and heaviest gun to enter service with the British Empire.


      During World War I, the British Army also used a variety of field and anti-tank guns during the Great War. The 5-inch howitzer was one of the most commonly-used and longest-ranged infantry guns of the Great War and was best suited for lightly-armoured enemy infantry.

      With the advent of the Battle of Cambrai, the British Army recognised that a self-propelled anti-tank gun was needed. At the time, the British arsenal consisted of less than a dozen anti-tank guns and were regiments of Mk IV Vickers Medium 15-pounder guns. Early in World War II, the Ministry of Supply examined various existing artillery designs that were suitable as an anti-tank gun. One of the weapons considered was the Vickers QF 17-pounder Gun Motor Carriage. However, the gun had proved difficult to produce and the larger and longer-ranged five-inch gun was preferred. This was demonstrated when the Germans were seen using the 17-pounder during the Battle of France. It was therefore decided that two more five-inch guns would better supplement the five-inch howitzer batteries.

      The British Army had begun work on a new 57-pounder anti-tank gun before World War I began. Between the late 1920s and the early 1930s, the British Army announced the acquisition of two 57-pounder guns at the London Cooperative Societies’ Week in 1938: one was manufactured by Vickers and the other by BSA. The British Army began testing it in 1939. The Streatch artillery range in South


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      “”[It’s] a long RPG, but can be played in a short amount of time.”–
      “Highly recommended.”– GameSpot
      “RPG of the Year”– Game Informer
      “Just one of the best RPGs this year.”-GamePro
      “…one of the best games of 2005.”-USA Today
      “Atomicorp is once again the sleeper hit of the year.”-Journal of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences
      “Way to go, Atomicorp!”-PC World

      About The Game:
      The classic role-playing game series is finally back, and better than ever!
      The story of Nier takes place one hundred years after the events of Nier:Automata. The cybernetic android, 2B, returns to the world of Rieze Maxia to revive her deceased younger sister, 9S.
      Along the way, 2B meets Neo, an artificial intelligence whose mission is to predict the future. The duo’s stories intertwine and the two proceed on a journey of discovery.
      We embark on an epic quest to stop a dark, secret society. We can only hope that we can uncover the mystery behind the 13 Star Seeds before it is too late!
      What are the mysteries to unravel?

      As we stated in our E3 interview, our tagline for Nier: Automata was “The possibilities are endless.” Perhaps even a perfect tagline for an original JRPG RPG.
      We’re back in a world that you know and love – but this time around, we want you to enjoy it for all the first time.
      Throughout the game, a world that you’ve come to see as a favorite setting will be opened up to you. From the very beginning, it’s the land of action and adventure you know and love.
      One of the things we want to do is present the game as a true RPG. Having a world that you can freely travel around, experience all the things that are happening in the story.
      Enjoy the journey of discovery and exploration.

      Define yourself as an individual.
      2B and 9S are not the main characters in this story. They are the ones who help you on your journey.
      Through their role, we’ll be able to show


      How To Crack Paper Planet:

    • Unzip Game file (If it is.rar and Run Setup.exe file
    • Now Click on ‘Finish’ option and complete the installation
    • Some user’s critical files are inside the ‘app_data’ folder so make backup of that folder &or else your game may possibly lost. (Why as its our game and if anything goes wrong then it’s all on you)
    • Now comes the part where you have to crack your game. To get this, download Bittorrent from here: >
    • Now download the Game ‘’ (Maximuscle Hack 2011) and unzip this. You need to enter the ‘sodap’ folder inside the unzipped folder.
    • Open up the game and make a backup file. Now Right click game from the menu and select ‘Properties…’
    • Click ‘Compressed’ Tab, Go to ‘Archieve’ Tab, and ‘Browse’ the ‘’ file in your desktop then click ‘OK’
    • Now you will see a ‘Game_Crack.exe’ file on the desktop. Go back to the main ‘Game_POT.exe’ file, click on it and go to ‘run as administrator’ option and voila you are done.
    • Now u r done! I hope u like it. If not let me know or contact me regarding this shareware (Game_Pot.exe)

    Where To Download

    Great Marble Adventure

    * To download a Torrent file right click and select ‘Save Link as’
    (press CTRL + C for windows)

    * Vuzixov FTP Mirror



    System Requirements:

    Using the Steam overlay is recommended. The game requires a physical mouse and keyboard, as it is controlled via Steam’s input devices.
    This game requires Steam for in-game purchases and to update after installation.
    To play, your Steam account must be linked to your Game Library.
    Windows 7 or later with at least 4GB of RAM
    Intel i3/i5/i7 CPU (64-bit) with SSE2 support
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or better, AMD Radeon HD 77