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Photoshop is mostly used for photo retouching, such as straightening or removing blemishes, adjusting skin tones, and changing the light and dark tones of a photo.

The following two chapters look at the features of Photoshop and how to work with them to manipulate images with filters, in-painting tools, and Layer Masks.

Seeing the Photoshop Toolbox

Photoshop has an impressive collection of tools. Using them is easy, because the program supports a user-friendly interface that makes using these tools a pleasure. Although Photoshop is an advanced program, it has several powerful features that enable you to create sophisticated images and experiments with a ready-made library of tools.

Toolbox Categories

The Toolbox contains a collection of tools for image creation. Photoshop has a total of more than 300 tools, categorized into 18 modules.

Figure 11-1 shows the 18 Toolbox categories with the most commonly used tools and their functionality covered in a box.

The buttons at the top of the Toolbox are for tabbing among the Toolbox modules. Clicking a button opens that module, and clicking the Single Open button makes the tool available for more than one image or for opening multiple files at the same time.

The big red Close button brings you back to the main interface where the Image Browser and History tools are located.

**Figure 11-1:** The 18 Toolbox modules cover more than 300 tools.

The tools included in the Toolbox are as follows:

Color Corrections Module: The Color Corrections Module is the gateway to adjusting images. It includes tools for adjusting the white balance, correcting red and green channels, and correcting color cast.

Type & Graphics Module: The Type & Graphics module includes features for adding text to images and creating vector shapes, paths, and text frames.

Artistic Module: This module includes the following tools:

Adjustment layers: Adjustment layers enable you to apply different filters to an image or manipulate an image using layers.

Extrude & Sketch: This tool lets you draw outlines with the Photoshop Pen tool and sketches with the Eraser tool to make simple shapes.

Shape tools: The Shape tools are used for drawing or modifying simple shapes and creating complex shapes from scratch.

Healing & Refining tools: The Healing & Refining tools include the Clone Stamp tool and Spot Healing Brush tool. These tools are both used for healing and for repairing.

Custom Shape tools

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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a professional graphics editing software. It is built on layers that allow you to create compositions by stacking them on top of each other, or just modify them. Photoshop can be used with raw, jpeg, tiff and or dng images. It can be used by companies, personal users, photographers, illustrators or graphic designers.

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC is the most powerful professional graphics editing software available on the market. It features modern tools that are useful for users of all skill levels. Photoshop CC is used to retouch, create, edit and publish images on the web and social media.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2020

Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 is a powerful graphics editor that allows users of all levels of experience to edit, create and publish their work. The interface is very intuitive and is designed to guide users along with pre-made actions and layers, and wizards.

Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud

Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud is a complete desktop photo editor and an ideal tool to create stunning imagery. It contains a library of tools that are used by media professionals for retouching and editing images.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a simple to use, easy-to-learn photo editor and library for storing, organizing and creating images. It is also an image processing tool that performs basic retouching and basic photo editing tasks. It contains a library of more than 30 lenses that can be used to create professional effects and color corrections.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an image editing software that was released by Adobe in 1995. Photoshop is both image editing and photo retouching software. It allows users to add text, shapes, shapes, adjustments, colour, styles, and styles.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 is an image editing software and design program. It is used for design, photo editing, and is available in three different editions. The first edition, Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, features a simple editing toolkit with the only purpose to edit photos. Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 has a photo editor with a library of over 30 different photo editing tools. Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 also contains a design editor, a drawing editor, a tools catalog, the ability to create projects and it has a place to store the projects.


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System Requirements For Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.0.1):

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32-bit), 8 (32-bit), or 10 (32-bit)
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Additional Notes:
Recommended Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista