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The most powerful item in the Online Kingdom, the Elden Ring, was created by a feathered hero who was born, raised, and subdued in the game. He was a man who sought out to accomplish great deeds with the aid of supernatural powers. However, when he became bored of the monotony of life in the game, he collected the power of the Elden Ring with a vengeful intent. His greed caused him to covet the power of the creation of life itself.

We created a fantasy, non-linear action RPG where you can freely create your own character, explore a vast world, and freely combate monsters.

Enjoy the world of Tarnished with a little different atmosphere and player’s value.


Windows: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Mac OS X: 10.8 or higher

* The computer’s memory capacity must be 16 GB or greater.

* This game is not compatible with Virtual Machine software such as Oracle VirtualBox or VMware Workstation.

* The Internet connection is required to download additional content, including add-on and expansion content, after purchase.


The main game is fully playable with the previously purchased content. Additional purchases include the following.

– Additional maps
– Additional Skill Points
– Additional characters
– Additional costumes
– Addition Party Supplies (Tri-Caster, Theme, etc.)
– Additional Items (Shorts, Overshirts, etc.)

Content, Additional Items, and Add-On Content that can be downloaded from the game’s website ( will be referred to collectively as “content.” The content’s dates of availability can vary, and content and add-on content are subject to availability. Please ensure that you have the most recent version of the game installed in order to download the most current content.


Play the game through a story mode, which contains the main game content.

– A “Conversation Mode” is included in which you can ask questions to the other characters in the game.

– You can play through the game’s single-player mode using a campaign, as well as view the world map.


1. Standard package (24 hours


Features Key:

  • Tide-action RPG
    The pace of actual gameplay is so quick that the story of your character is of extreme importance.
    Which story will you end up listening to?
  • Mythological Fantasy
    The Lands Between is a place of adventure that combines the genre of modern stories of the world, such as D'ni and FFXIII. Play as characters who were formed in myth.

  • A deep draft system
    Make your character more refined by providing the equipment and accessories to go with your character.

  • Brotherhood system
    A system that allows you to add your friends into the game and the benefits you give them remain from your character until death.

  • Playable characters from FFXV
    Play as the seven characters of their own story as they become woken into existence in their own stories.

  • Huge dungeons and portals
    A total of 160,000 square feet of dungeons and 224,000 square feet of optional areas to explore.

  • Over eighty battles
    Over 80 fighting actions are included, and diverse fields of battle use tactics that will allow you to feel the joy of battle as you fight.

  • 20 boosters, including versatile boosters
    Versatile boosters support a variety of play styles, and can be used to give your character greater combat capabilities.

  • 1 Main Scenario / 3 Additional Scenarios
    Play the final battle in one of four Special Scenarios. These enable you to acquire new weapons and others for the battle that unfolds.
  • Loot system
    You will be able to acquire new weapons and other items by fighting.
  • Elden-Online – July 26th, 2018





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      [ 1.0/5 ] Bad. I would not waste my time and money on this game in the slightest.

      [ 2.0/5 ] Not great. Combat is fun but the story is empty and boring, possibly because of my high expectations coming from the idea of the game.

      [ 3.0/5 ] Good. Combat is fun but only if you like turn-based tactics, and there are a lot of little things to keep track of and muck about with. It is an interesting game in its own right.

      [ 4.0/5 ] Very good. Very fun combat and a well designed and interesting world to explore. Game is fun and addictive.

      [ 5.0/5 ] Great. It can be a real blast to play, and there is some personality to the characters and world that make it fun to spend time in, even if it doesn’t change the actual story.

      [ 6.0/5 ] Excellent. Story unfolds in an interesting manner, and it is impossible to get tired of combat and exploration. Probably the best Final Fantasy Game yet.

      [ 7.0/5 ] Amazing. An intriguing story, a great combat system, and addictive gameplay.

      [ 8.0/5 ] Very good. Took a while to get going, but once I did, there was no reason to put it down.

      [ 9.0/5 ] Excellent. I loved every moment of this game. It is a perfect marriage of gameplay and story.

      [10.0/5 ] A masterpiece. Get this game as soon as you can.

      [11.0/5 ] The most exciting FF game in a long time. I could not put the game down.

      [12.0/5 ] Beautiful graphics and design. My favorite RPG ever.

      [13.0/5 ] This is it, guys, I’m too drained to write anymore.

      [14.0/5 ] “Graphic worthiness” is the term. It’s a very nice looking game.

      [15.0/5 ] The best there is. This game would be worth $60 to me.

      Download the game from the official site (Zippyshare)

      Downloadable Content (DLC)

      Story Missions:

      Reliable Friend:

      Additional Stats and Reputation:


      Elden Ring X64 (Updated 2022)

      Elden Ring > World of Tamran > Elements of Tamran > Characters > Players

      World of Tamran:

      Character Creation > Baseline Information > House > Items > Combat Skill

      Baseline Information > Ability / Skill/Intellect > Stats :

      Magic : Tarnish Magic +1 → Tarnish Magic +3

      Combat Strength : Tarnish Strength +1 → Tarnish Strength +1

      Combat Capacity : Tarnish Stamina +1 → Tarnish Stamina +1

      Anticipation : Tarnish Reaction +1 → Tarnish Reaction +1

      Ability :

      Empathy : Tarnish Endurance +1 → Tarnish Endurance +1

      Empathy +2 → Tarnish Endurance +2

      Combat Skill:

      Class System (Battle System):

      Rapid Blade : Saber

      Rapid Blade +1 → Saber +1

      Gardening : Sword & Shield

      Gardening +1 → Sword & Shield +1

      Apprentice → Apprentice

      Gardening +2 → Apprentice +2

      Apprentice → Elite Swordsman

      Gardening +3 → Elite Swordsman +3

      Apprentice → Elite Guard

      Gardening +4 → Elite Guard +4

      Elite Swordsman → Duelist

      Gardening +5 → Duelist +5

      Elite Guard → Duelist

      Gardening +6 → Duelist +6

      Elite Swordsman → Elite Knight

      Gardening +7 → Elite Knight +7

      Elite Guard → Elite Knight

      Gardening +8 → Elite Knight +8

      Elite Swordsman → Elite Thief

      Gardening +9 → Elite Thief +9

      Elite Guard → Elite Thief

      Gardening +10 → Elite Thief +10

      Elite Knight → Grand Master

      Gardening +11 → Grand Master +11

      Rapid Blade +1 → Grand Master +1

      Rapid Blade +2 → Grand Master +2

      Rapid Blade +3 → Grand Master +3

      Gardening +1 → Grand Master +1

      This is a brand new class system that allows you to freely combine Gardening and Combat Skill, as well as to obtain the benefits of Gardening and Boosts


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      You can obtain items, monsters, and other bonuses by doing quests found in the game. Do you think that your Tarnished character is your loyal pet? Well, actually, he is your best friend (and the most scary enemy…)!

      In conclusion, Summoners War is a unique fantasy RPG. If you’ve been looking for the style that blended fantasy with drama, challenges, and online play, Summoners War will be the game you need.

      Two new screenshots, including “Tarnished” recruits, “Fantasy” mercenaries, and a flying mount battleship, have been added on the game page! 

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      Post #1 of The New Fantasy Action RPG.
      Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.


      Post #2 of The New Fantasy Action RPG.
      Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
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      Post #3 of The New Fantasy Action RPG.
      Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.


      Post #4 of The New Fantasy Action RPG.
      Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
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