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Stocks To Riches By Parag Parikh Pdf Free Download

this book is a great book on stocks. no-one is perfect. in fact, most of us are simply using our lives to try to be better than our neighbor. some are willing to do anything to reach their goals. mr. parag parikh must have been one of those. what he says is, “as they say, “if you’re lucky, you can become a member of the one percent.”

this book is a must for the investors who are looking to buy stocks for the first time. this is a great book for the beginners who are planning to invest in the stock market. no matter what type of investor you are, you will find the information in this book. it is a book that gives you all the necessary information to invest.

people in this age have started liking quick wealth. they want to become rich quickly. even if you are a beginner, if you read the book, you would see that investing in the stock market does not necessarily mean loss. the investor needs to know how to place trades. according to the author, most investors fail to identify market trends. mr. parag parikh suggests that you should always be focused on where the market is headed. a good investor is always looking for a sure way to profit from a stock.

can you recommend any investment books from a trader’s point of view which can be read easily and understand easily. i am a new trader. i am somewhat familiar with the markets, but like every new trader, i don’t know any investment book that explains trading in a simple and easy language and is suitable for the indian investor.

hi i was just searching for stocks to riches book.i really like this book,but i want to purchase it.
i am interested in starting stock trading, and i would like to start from a book.
if i go and purchase books, will i be able to understand them fully.what should i start reading first from this book or any other book.
thank you!

parag parikh has written this book with an objective to take indian investors to the next level in terms of understanding the stock markets and investing in them. the author does a brilliant job of simplifying complex concepts like investment strategies and economic theories into a language that even a layman can understand. the book is meant for the average investor and it provides a lot of insights into the stock markets and the stocks that are actually good picks for india. this book is a must read for any investor who wants to invest in the indian stock markets.
parag parikh’s “stocks to riches” is a must read for any investor, especially for those who are starting out in the stock market. parag parikh not only gives you the entire gist of the markets but also helps you understand the why and how of investing and helps you decide what are the steps to take when investing. moreover, it is a must read for beginners who are yet to understand the nuances of the markets.
when i came across this book on’stocks to riches’ by parag parikh, i was amazed to find that the author not only had a knack of explaining the basic concepts of the stock markets, but also gave the right amount of practical examples and experience, which an individual can learn from. the book is a must read for all who are investing for the first time and who wish to learn about the stock markets.
parag parikh is a renowned, indian businessman, and an internationally respected stock market expert. he has written this book that will help investors in understanding the investment process. the book is well laid out and understandable. it explains the concepts in detail and helps the readers identify and avoid mistakes that one is likely to make while investing.